Saturday, June 30, 2007


(Left, the Congolese flag at the time of independence. Right, the Congolese flag today)

47 years ago, today the country now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo gained their independence from colonial power, Belgium. On that day newly elected President, Patrice Lumumba, gave this speech...

Patrice Lumumba
The First Prime Minister of the Congo (Zaire)
On June 30, 1960, Independence Day

Men and women of the Congo,

Victorious fighters for independence, today victorious, I greet you in the name of the Congolese Government. All of you, my friends, who have fought tirelessly at our sides, I ask you to make this June 30, 1960, an illustrious date that you will keep indelibly engraved in your hearts, a date of significance of which you will teach to your children, so that they will make known to their sons and to their grandchildren the glorious history of our fight for liberty.

Read the whole speech here:
Lumumba Speech Congolese Independence, June 30, 1960

Although the (D.R. of) Congo has been through much turmoil since its independence it is important that we reflect on this day because it represents a struggle of a people which continues to this day. A struggle for peace. A struggle for the future of Congolese children. A struggle for a war/conflict free environment where the people may flourish without the worry of violent outbursts. In the midst of this constant struggle we remember that we come from a people who fought for what they believed in and continue to fight. One day the D.R. of Congo will be truly free. Until then we use this day as one of reflecting on Freedom and what it truly means to be Independent. Enjoy this day and celebrate. Peace...


Il y a 47 ans, aujourd'hui le pays maintenant connu sous le nom de la République démocratique du Congo gagnait leur indépendance de puissance coloniale, la Belgique. Sur ce président nouvellement élu de jour, Patrice Lumumba, a donné ce discours...

Patrice Lumumba
le premier premier ministre du Congo (Zaïre) juin 30, 1960, jour d'indépendance

Hommes et femmes du Congo,
Les combattants victorieux pour l'indépendance, aujourd'hui victorieux, je vous salue au nom du gouvernement congolais. Tout le vous, mes amis, qui ont combattu inlassablement sur nos côtés, je vous demande de faire ce juin 30, 1960, une date illustre que vous maintiendrez indélébile gravée dans vos coeurs, une date dont d'importance vous enseignerez à vos enfants, de sorte qu'ils fassent connaître à leurs fils et à leurs petits-enfants l'histoire glorieuse de notre combat pour la liberté.

Lisez le discours entier ici:
L'Indépendance Congolaise De la Parole De Lumumba, Juin 30, 1960

Bien que (D.R.) le Congo ait été par beaucoup d'agitation puisque son indépendance il est importante que nous réfléchissions ce jour parce qu'il représente une lutte d'un peuple qui continue à ce jour. Une lutte pour la paix. Une lutte pour le futur des enfants congolais. Une lutte pour un war/conflict libèrent l'environnement où le peuple peut s'épanouir sans souci des accès violents. Au milieu de cette lutte constante nous nous rappelons que nous venons d'un peuple qui a combattu pour ce qu'ils ont cru en et continuent pour combattre. Pendant un jour le D.R. du Congo sera vraiment libre. Jusque-là nous employons ce jour en tant qu'un de réfléchir sur la liberté et ce qui il signifie vraiment pour être indépendant. Appréciez ce jour et célébrez. Paix...

***Désolé pour toutes erreurs grammaticales. J'ai employé pour des traductions d'anglais-français.***


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Look...Again

Yesterday as I was trying to make changes to the webpage I somehow ruined the format of the html. I am pretty much illiterate in html and so I had no idea how to fix what I messed up so I had to start from scratch. The site I got the template from is no longer up so I couldn't repost it. I hope this one isn't too hard on the eyes. I like the format but the background color isn't what I wish it were. Anyway over time the site's look will probably be changing a few times until I find something really nice again. Still working on getting last weeks show to you. Stay tuned. For now I will leave you with some songs I recently acquired...

This first song is by Dindo Yogo, singer of Zaiko Langa Langa fame. Its from his solo release "Chante Piscos" which was released in 1990.

This next song is from the Bimi Ombale led Zaiko Langa Langa project, "Sentiment Bimi" which was released in 1988. DL: Moloki

This last selection is from the band Los Nickelos de Zato, Zizi & Jo Rino. From a compilation of their songs of the late '60s. DL: Bolingo Ya Telephone (Telephone Love)

Enjoy the songs and new scenery...PEACE

Monday, June 25, 2007

C'est La Verite...

This is my favorite song of the moment.
C'est La Verite by the legendary band Zaiko Langa Langa.
The melody and hook are very catchy and make for an excellent example as to why Zaiko Langa Langa was so great. Listen and download song here:

"C'est La Verite...rien que la verite" means "It's true, it's nothing but the truth". The lead singer is singing about how real his love is for his girl. He isn't sure if she loves him back but he claims that it is true that he wants her. Nothing but the truth. This song is the truth. Enjoy.

I still haven't had the chance to convert those past shows from audiotape to mp3 yet. That is definitely coming soon this week. Stay tuned. Thank you for your continued support. PEACE...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Technical Difficulties...

Sorry for the lack of updates. Last saturday a new episode of Tambour d'Afrique did indeed air. Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties that didn't allow to record the show it it's entirety. Good news is that Guy was able to record the show onto audio cassette. My cousin who lives up the street has the equipment to convert audio cassette to MP3 so I will most definitely be bringing you last saturday's episode very soon, as well as any other show that Guy may have on audio cassette that I was unable to record over the internet. I will be back later with another entry. Peace...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day...

Yesterday was Father's Day here in the states. I spent the day with my father and family eating and having a good time. Hopefully all of you fathers out there stateside had a nice weekend with your kids. I had a great one with my Dad.

I just wanna take this time to say

Thanks Daddy, for EVERYTHING...

(L to R; My older sister, Me and My dad, Guy in Prospect Park, Brooklyn circa 1989)

I would like to dedicate this video to my Dad. He of course introduced this song to me and it is now one of my favorites. It's Franco & TP OK Jazz with "Bina Na Ngai Na Respect" Enjoy...


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tambour d'Afrique Tonight...Brand New

FINALLY a new episode of Tambour d'Afrique will be airing tonight at the usual time of 10 pm EST. Tune in @


Friday, June 15, 2007

To Our Listeners/Readers Across the Globe...To Sangana!

Yesterday as I surfed through Myspace I came across a cool little feature that a few people had called a My World Visitor Profile Map. This map takes a record of where visitors to this site are logging in from.

My World Visitor Profile Map

Here are some of the cities we've gotten hits from thus far:

Bamako, Mali
Accra, Ghana
Nairobi, Kenya
Montreal & Toronto, Canada
and Several American cities across the country including Hawaii.
and the hits keep coming...

Tambour d'Afrique would like to thank you for visiting the site and listening to the show. We hope that you are enjoying the progress of the show and site as much as we enjoy bringing Tambour d'Afrique to you.

In continuing with the weeks theme of 'new' discoveries I bring to you the artist Master Mwana-Congo. Tambour d'Afrique is an advocate of Pan-Africanism which is the solidarity of Black/African people globally to advance as a people. Many musicians of Congolese Music adhere to this way of thinking, maybe not always politically but definitely through song. Master Mwana is one of these musicians.

Again not much information could be found on this artist on the internet but judging by his music he has an affinity for Haitian Music as he incorporates it into his sound and even sings in Kreyol at times. The one song that solidified for me that Master Mwana was Pan-African in thought is 'To Sangana'. On the song Mwana declares that wherever you are from if you are Black, you are from Africa. To Sangana means 'let us get together', to bond. To all of you across the globe tuning in to this blog and radio show...TO SANGANA KO!

To Sangana - Master Mwana-Congo



Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Les Kinois & Tele-Music de Brazzaville...

I've been on the prowl for 'new' music for Guy to play on his radio show and also to share with you all for the past few days. I recently discovered 2 acts I'd never heard of before; Orchestre Les Kinios & L'Orchestre Tele-Music de Brazzaville. My guess, judging by the sound, is that these bands are from the early '70s. Their music is great so they must have been overshadowed by the other great bands of their time (which are plenty in number). Enjoy this mix I made which includes a song from Les Kinois and Tele-Music de Brazzaville.

01 orchestre lipua lipua (veve edition) - mombasa
02 orchestre les kinois - les kinois (pt I)
03 l'orchestre tele-music de brazzaville - foya d'ambiance
04 nico & l'african fiesta - nazali se mobali na yo
05 les bantous de la capitale - tchecko

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Nite Videos...


I love this clip. According to innosita Papa Wemba had a huge crush on Mpongo Love and invited her onto this show and serenades her with a song. I'm still trying to decipher the words. But he says something to the effect of if you don't want me I'll drink poison and kill myself on one part. The song is nice and Mpongo's reaction is cute.

This is the opening from what I think is the same show from the first clip. I'm not sure *what* show this is exactly but it is Congo-Kin television. I have no clue what the song is called either (I'm checking to see if I may have it but I'm not sure. The clip doesn't have the song title) but the bottom line is this performance is really nice. When the soukous breaks its like a whole new song. I love it. I need to find this song. Until then I'll just enjoy the video.

Here is a full version of SAMBA SAMBA by Papa Wemba & Koffi Olomide. I put it on one of the mixes I posted this week. I love it. Enjoy. Samba Samba...

Tie Score...


(pictured is Haitian futboler, Jean Fabien. picture courtesy of Heritage Kompas dot Com

Saturday, June 9, 2007


Right now a soccer match is being aired on between Haiti and Costa Rica. Guy made an announcement that next week a brand new show will be airing. There are still a lot of adjustments being made to the new radio station and with the game not going off until 11:45 it was best the show just be postponed. Again thank you for your patience during this time. Both the radio station Radio Triomphe and show Tambour d'Afrique are getting positive reviews so far. Thank you for your continued support. PEACE

Friday, June 8, 2007

Celebrate Ya Miziki Ya Congo...

01 youlou mabiala & kamikaze loningisa - judoka
02 pepe kalle & empire bakuba - amour propre
03 franco & ok jazz - minzata
04 papa wemba & koffi olimide - samba samba
05 zaiko langa langa - katshi
06 mpongo love - testament ya basi


(picture courtesy of

Thursday, June 7, 2007


There's so much music to listen to. Although I've listened to Dr. Nico before I never really got a chance to sit down and take it in. Yesterday I gave myself the chance to do that and loved what I heard. I have a tendency to fall in love with a particular song or artist and play their music over and over. It's exciting to know that when I grow weary of those songs there's always be more for me to listen to and fall in love with.

Right now I'm just going through the hard drive and finding 'new' (new for me) miziki ya Congo to fall in love with. Join me this week as I put up random mixes of my 'new' discoveries...

01 festival du maquisards - kester yebisa ngai
02 zaiko langa langa - kebo
03 orchestre conga de bokelo - toli ya libala (a)
04 orchestre negro succes - palado-palado
05 tabu ley et l'african fiesta - likala ya moto
06 vox africa - mama na didier
07 orchestre makassy - siku ya kufa pt 1


(picture courtesy of

**divshare has a new format. click the divshare logo to download the mix.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fiesta Sukisa...

01 mbandaka
02 mokili ya zamba
03 ka mungazi ko
04 sanza zomi na mibale
05 na kendaki na poto
06 sukisa miziki ya lokumu

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tambour d'Afrique Tonight...

As stated yesterday Tambour d'Afrique will be airing sans host. Here is a tracklist of the Pepe Kalle playlist that will play (in addition to the playlist that I posted up on Tuesday):

01 Nazoki
02 Nakobelela
03 Lundokisi
04 Tobokolo Muana
05 Guyguy Madimba
06 Mayimona
07 Kingotolo
08 Pon Moun Paka Bouge

tune in @ 10pm Eastern Standard Time, @


Friday, June 1, 2007

Radio Triomphe Is Moving...

This week just got a little more hectic for the people @ Tambour d'Afrique. The radio station from which the show broadcasts will be moving from it's current location to a new one a few blocks away. I've been told that they will not have the microphones and everything set up just yet. As a result Tambour d'Afrique WILL still be airing but Guy Angrand will not be hosting. A playlist of nice Congolese music will be played instead. The mix that I put up in the last entry as well as a nice mixture of Pepe Kalle & Empire Bakuba that Guy has prepared.

So again, Tambour d'Afrique will STILL be airing tomorrow but it will be straight music. Stay tuned...

Thank you for your patience. Tomorrow night is my party. Once that is all over and done with I will be back to updating regularly again.