Monday, October 29, 2007

Peace To All Fans Of Tambour d'Afrique...

Sorry (AGAIN!) for the huge gaps between entries. I'm kind of having a commentary drought. I haven't been listening to Congolese music that much lately as I've been recording my own music and trying to concentrate on that. Anyhow I have the show from October 20th here:
EMISSION 10.20.07

I will definitely try to be more consistent with the updates.

This past saturday I was in Queens celebrating my good friend's 25th birthday (shout out to Metanoya and the Web/Brewer family!) and so I was not home to record the show (10/27). Next week there will be a brand new show. Stay tuned and listen live @ 10pm-12am (est, ny time) I will bring you an Mp3 of the show as usual.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Nite Videos & Emission 10.13.07

If you missed it and/or you just want to hear it over and over again, here is last night's show.
Emission 10.13.07

Last week Guy introduced us all to a musician and vocalist by the name of Mimitah. Mimitah Bofondo is 25 years old and resides in London, England. She sings, composes songs and also plays bass guitar. She recently released the single Tata Muasi, which Guy played on last weeks show. I found out about Mimitah through Myspace and once I heard her music I told my dad he HAD to play her song! She definitely puts a fresh spin on the music. Her voice is a rare one in today's musical climate. She's the only female Congolese artist I know of that is as young as she is and it gives me great pride that she is so talented and she takes the composition of music seriously. She carries the torch for the Congolese Women musicians and artists in what is now the 5th Generation of 'Modern' Congolese music, in my humble opinion. I can see her being a musical force internationally. We all here at Tambour d'Afrique wish her all the best.

Here are some video clips of her. The first is a short documentary and the second is the Tata Muasi (Remix).

Here is a clip of Zaiko Langa Langa as headed by Nyoka Longa Jossart in a recent concert. Even to this day Zaiko Langa Langa never fails to entertain with the dance moves. Enjoy.


Monday, October 8, 2007

10.06.07 Zaiko Langa Langa Special

On this passed week Guy did a small tribute to his favorite band, Zaiko Langa Langa. For no particular reason really he played all Zaiko songs and then showcased 4 songs from 4 different Myspace frieds. Enjoy


Bakwetu (Theme Song)


Ando 1&2

Elo 1&2


Mbeya Mbeya



C'est La Verite

Tata Muasi - Mimitah

Chaleur Africaine - Mpassi

Baye - Monique Seka

Kumbe Time - Kiki Mbassi

Zaiko Wawa (Closing theme)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Myspace Friends...

Over the weeks Guy has introduced some musicians that he has encountered on Here are their myspcae pages...

First up is Dzany Mpiana. Guy played his song Meme Ngai Na Likolo. He doesn't have much information on his page but this young man is obviously influenced by Soul and R&B. He flawlessly mixes lingala in with the genre and it really works. Listen to more of his songs @

The next artist up is Samba Mapangala. Samba Mapangala is a former member of the group Les Kinois. They sang the song 'Mwana Mboka' that Guy has played on the show in the past. Les Kinois was a Congolese band based out of Nairobi, Kenya. In the early 80s Les Kinois transformed into L'Orchestre Virunga with Samba Mapangala as the leader of the band. Mr. Mapangala is now stationed in the Maryland area. He tours the United States and Canada. Guy played his song Nyama Choma. I also featured the video for this song on a past blog entry. Samba Mapangala gracefully blends old sounds with the new. Check out more of his songs @

Last week Guy brought to our attention two other artists who I will be profiling tomorrow. Until then enjoy these two myspace pages and listen to re-runs of Tambour d'Afrique. Thanks and good night. Peace...