Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Nite Videos

A few weeks ago Guy played this song by Zaiko Langa Langa called MOKILI ECHANGER.
He had asked if anyone knew the name of the lead singer. I didn't show the video then because I didn't want to give away the answer. But anyway it's been awhile and no one answered the question (at least I don't think so). The lead singer on Mokili Echanger is Dindo Yogo. The version of Mokili Echanger that Guy played on the radio was different from the one I linked for download. That audio I linked comes straight from this video courtesy of Youtube & Youtube user likinga. As usual Zaiko gives a smashing performance. I always love their dancing. Enjoy.

Now months ago I had linked the video to Papa Wemba serenading songstress Mpongo Love live on television. Papa Wemba had a crush on her and invited her to his show when he returned from Paris to deliver a big show in his home country. That clip that I showed you was only a snippet of the song Papa Wemba sang. This clip is courtesy of Youtuber jeannotsmart and this is the complete performance of the song he sang for Mpongo Love.

This next video is by JB Mpiana & Wenge Musica...KIPE YA YO from his March release of the same title. This is song is a real hit I love it. Enjoy.

Enjoy the videos and have a nice evening. Peace...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Getting Up To Date & Catching Up...


The past few weeks have been a little bit hectic beginning with the passing of my Great Uncle Luco. I owe the Tambour d'Afrique audience an apology for being a bit slack with the updates again. I will be making an effort to update more consistently.

Today I will link you to last night's show and the show from 09.15.07.

Emission 22.09.07 (Telechargement)

Emission 15.09.07 (Telechargement)


Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A Ma Tante Fifi, Regine, Luc Jr., Marjorie et Les Petits Enfants...

Tonton Luco, un pere, un oncle, un frere, un parrain, un ami que l'on aime beaucoup. Du Cap Haitien, Haiti a Malverne, NY (USA) Nous versons tous des larmes, bientot on n'en aura plus.
Meme si nous devons tous un jour faire le meme chemin, pourquoi toi aujourd'hui?
Ami, pour qui nous verson ces larmes, pourquoi es tu parti? Pourquoi si vite?
Si tu recontres Grand Za, Grande Cora, Manna, Pafred, Majo, Maitre Ra, Jeanine, Charlotte, Myriam, Danielle, George.... dites leur
que jusqu'au bout on a tenu avec toi.
Ami, ce n'est qu'un aurevoir......

Tabu Ley - Kashama Nkoy (Telechargement)

Show 08.18.07 demais....


Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another Great Loss.....

Very early yesterday morning the Angrand Family lost a great man when Guy's uncle, my great uncle Luc Angrand succumbed to cancer. Guy still managed to do a wonderful show last night and made a special dedication and tribute to him. Later on I will have a link to the show. Please stay tuned for that. Peace...

R.I.P. Tonton Luco you will truly be missed...

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yesterday was Labor Day in the United States. On last Saturday's show Guy explained why the observance of Labor Day is held in September. Everywhere else in the world Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st.

History of Labor Day (Wikipedia)

He also discussed the song Mwana Mboka by Les Kinois. Funny story behind this song One day when Guy was setting up his Myspace he tells me his nickname is Mwana Mboka. I thought that was so interesting. A day or so prior to that I had found a Les Kinois song of the same name. Loosely translated it means 'child of Africa'. Guy talks about being very proud to be Haitian. And that despite his being wholly absorbed into Ngungwa culture to the point where he says he was accused of lying when he told people he was Haitian, he never stopped being Haitian. Listening to the lyrics to Mwana Mboka I was able to understand exactly why my father's childhood friends gave him the nickname Mwana Mboka. Even as Haitian as he is, he is very much African.

For me growing up both Congolese and Haitian in America has been an effortless juggling act for me. I have to credit Guy for that. Seeing him go effortlessly from Kreyol to Lingala (two languages where attitude is just as important in getting your point across as grammar) subconsciously showed me people from different parts of the world are not as different as we would like to believe. We may speak differently, eat different things, etc but at the end of the day as soon as everyone is speaking the same language you realize you were saying the same things all along. As Black people I feel there are great opportunities to be had by uniting with different cultures other than our own. I feel that we will find that among us our cultures are not so drastically different. If you are around another cultures long enough you can adapt to them and appreciate the differences as well as similarities.

Speaking of which tying in with Labor Day is a celebration (which actually has nothing to do with Labor Day) which has the Caribbean representing their cultures/nations while appreciating all the others present. Every year people representing every corner of the Caribbean gather on Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway to celebrate the West Indian Day Parade. Several different cultures which stem from one source: Africa. In Brooklyn yesterday (In Brooklyn everyday lol) there were various expressions of Africa on display. Children of the Africans who were enslaved and scattered across the West Indies, who despite slavery created their own cultures. Though they are different there is a very strong similarity across the board that is undeniably the stamp of Africa.

Only some Children of (enslaved) Africans are fortunate to go back. Guy aka Mwana Mboka was one of them. This week I will continue with his story as he told it on last weeks broadcast.

I will leave you all with the song Zouke Zouke by Pepe Kalle. To me it is a perfect blend of Zouk and Soukous and ties in with the subject of Africans appreciating each other's culture.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Mwana Mboka Continued...

Three weeks ago on Tambour d'Afrique, Guy gave the listeners a deeper look into his background to help us get a better understanding of his connection with the Congo and Congolese music. On last night's show he continued with his story...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Show Tonight @ 10pm....

Its been a whole week since the last entry. I've been kinda busy with work and recording and completely lost track of the blog. Last week the Madilu System Memorial Special re-aired because Guy was on vacation. Tonight he will be bringing us all a brand new show. I just got home from visiting with some friends so I have no idea what he has planned for today. I usually have an idea if I'm home since he compiles his track list here in the house. So basically today I will be tuning in with fresh ears with the rest of you all. As a true fan of the show (Not just because the host is my dad haha) not knowing what is going to be played adds an extra element of excitement for me. I'm positive that we will be blessed with good music and I look forward to hearing what Guy has in store.

I still need to introduce you all to some artists that were played in the past few weeks from Guy's myspace friends list. Keep an eye out for that.

REMEMBER: Tune into RadioTriomphe.Com @ 10pm NY time (Eastern Standard) to hear a brand new episode.

Before the show begins take the time to listen to this selection, Lisumu by Zaiko Langa Langa. Written by my late great uncle Matima Mpiosso (R.I.P.) Peace and have
a wonderful weekend.