Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Independence Day, DRC/RDC!!

This year for Independence Day I share with you the movie Lumumba directed by Raoul Peck (read the blog entry I wrote about him and the movie Lumumba in 2007, HERE).  Enjoy and always remember the ancestors who fought for us and the freedom fighters who continue the work. Bless.


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

CongoFest: Break The Silence

Next Saturday a big benefit concert called CongoFest: Break The Silence for the Democratic Republic of Congo will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 22nd. The line up looks great!!
Here's some information from Pittsburgh's cultural district website. Ticket information is also on the website.

"CONGOFEST: Break the Silence
a Humanitarian concert featuring PEPE FELLY MANUAKU WAKU, the creator of Congolese Pop Style

Afrika Yetu, with the Congolese Musicians of North America, present a stunning range of Congolese music, from traditional sounds of the Pygme forest to the more modern soukous music, with elements of rumba, samba, meringue and Congolese Styles of Afro-Jazz. CongoFest is a collaborating effort of Congolese musicians coming together for the first time for a melodic, rhythmic sound-filled concert of all Congolese styles to create awareness about the devastating war in the Democratic Republic of Congo. CongoFest’s musical potpourri is a treat for the eyes as well as ears when traditional dancers of WACONGO Dance Company and Patience Ibembo from Quartier Latin take stage and perform breathtaking movements of mutuashi, kwasa kwasa, soukous dance and more."

Pulpit rock

Saturday, June 1, 2013

New JB Mpiana, Ferre Gola & Tambour d'Afrique Tonight!

Here is a new rumba from JB Mpiana, from his upcoming Maxi-Single. The song "Zadio Kongolo" is dedicated to Mpiana's friend of the same name. The maxi single is being released especially for the wedding of Zadio and his bride Carole. 

Earlier this month Ferre Gola aslo released a wedding dedication to a couple named Etty & Flora. The song is simply named "Mariage"

Tune into Radio Triomphe tonight at 10pm for a new episode of Tambour d'Afrique, with Guy Angrand as your host!