Monday, December 27, 2010


Pulpit rock

We here at Tambour d'Afrique would like to thank you all for your continued support through our technical difficulties, etc. We've been going strong for four years (as far as the blog) and 5 years on Radio Triomphe and it wouldn't be without the love and support of the fans! Tambour d'Afrique
will only continue to grow in the next year. Please keep this site bookmarked and look out for more updates and commentary from host Guy Angrand himself. Seeing as though I don't have as
much time for the blog anymore he will be making his own updates. It is exciting because then
Tambour d'Afrique will be able to reach more people as he is able to type in French, Kreyol, Lingala AND English!

With the new year approaching we will continue to bring more music, new and old and support Congolese Music on the whole. Thank you again and I hope your holiday has been great and that the New Year brings you great prosperity and cheer!

I will be posting various tracklistings from older shows that we could not record. We hope you all appreciate it as we continue to grow as a website and radio show! PEACE :)

Here is a tracklisting from October...Enjoy

01 Palmares - Tabu Ley
02 Travelling Love - Fally Ipupa
03 Cadenas - Fally Ipupa
04 Orgasy - Fally Ipupa
05 Carte Postale - Youlou Mabiala
06 Nalingi Yo Na Motema - Dr. Nico
07. Biantondi Kasada - Dr. Nico
08 Suke - Tabu Ley
09 Hortense - Tabu Ley
10 Suaze - L'Orchestre Bella Bella
11 Marcelui - L'Orchestre Bella Bella
12 Tantine - Franco, Ntesa Dalienst Ok Jazz
13 Tokoma Ba Camarade Pamba - Franco Ok Jazz
14 Le Petrolier - Blaise Bula
15 13 Ans - Werrason
16 I Love You - Abeti Masikini
17 Mokili Echange - Zaiko Langa Langa
18 Bon Anniversaire - Tabu Combo
20 Zaiko Wawa - Zaiko Langa Langa