Friday, June 26, 2009

Goodbye Michael...

I'm still in shock. Yesterday we lost the greatest artist of our time and possibly the greatest entertainer of ALL time. Undoubtedly the most influential artst of MY lifetime. No star has shined brighter on this earth. I spent a great deal of my childhood immersed in his music and videos. Discovering the Jackson 5 in the 5th grade when "The Jacksons: An American Dream" aired on ABC I fell in love with him all over again. I gained a greater appreciation for the megastar who by then was already considered a freakshow by the world. I was one of the few kids who still openly loved Michael Jackson when most people my age had abandoned him for gangster rap.

There are so many memories I have connected to this man's existence. From crying and cowering to my room when my parents would play Thriller when i was 3 to seeing Motown 25 on a vhs my parents kept (for the longest I didn't realize that Motown 25 aired when I was only a year old) to singing his songs in the mirror for hours, emulating his moves and vocal stylings. When I found out you could actually buy old music on cd (lol) I would buy a Jackson 5 or Michael Solo album from his motown days and listen and listen and listen. I learned to sing singing along to Michael Jackson. I have easily seen 'The Legend Continues', 'Moonwalker' & 'The Making of Thriller' over 100 times each, no exaggeration. Whenever he appeared on television for a special or a video premier we would have a VHS ready to record. When his popularity in the U.S died down he continued to be watched and admired by me and other family members.

I was born in '82. So I literally can't remember a time in which Michael Jackson wasn't the biggest star in the world because in my life there is no such time. His super stardom was normal to me in that I didn't know anything else. Michael Jackson was the like the God of music and I had just accepted all the things that came with his fame as normal. I didn't know that being such a huge star could literally kill you inside. Could make you a prisoner of your own destiny. It wasn't until later in life that I realized that Michael's life was unnatural. I find it unfortunate that a lot of people can not grasp this concept. All he did as a human being was try to cope with a very unnatural state of being. It makes one wonder if ANYONE could ever handle that level of stardom and if it is worth it to be that famous. Every parable concerning the price of fame has crossed my mind since yesterday. The sad part is he was that big of a star because he deserved to be. His popularity was in direct correlation with his talent. He was larger than life. I just really hope he finally found the peace that he so longed for and deserved.

Right now I can only say thank you. Thank you Michael for baring your heart and soul on every song you sang and on every stage you ever set foot on. Thank you for all the music. For all the memories. Thank you for everything you gave of yourself just so I could dream.


Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight
here one day, gone one night
Like the sunset dying with the rising of the moon

Sunday, June 21, 2009