Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Show Tonight @ 10pm....

Its been a whole week since the last entry. I've been kinda busy with work and recording and completely lost track of the blog. Last week the Madilu System Memorial Special re-aired because Guy was on vacation. Tonight he will be bringing us all a brand new show. I just got home from visiting with some friends so I have no idea what he has planned for today. I usually have an idea if I'm home since he compiles his track list here in the house. So basically today I will be tuning in with fresh ears with the rest of you all. As a true fan of the show (Not just because the host is my dad haha) not knowing what is going to be played adds an extra element of excitement for me. I'm positive that we will be blessed with good music and I look forward to hearing what Guy has in store.

I still need to introduce you all to some artists that were played in the past few weeks from Guy's myspace friends list. Keep an eye out for that.

REMEMBER: Tune into RadioTriomphe.Com @ 10pm NY time (Eastern Standard) to hear a brand new episode.

Before the show begins take the time to listen to this selection, Lisumu by Zaiko Langa Langa. Written by my late great uncle Matima Mpiosso (R.I.P.) Peace and have
a wonderful weekend.

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