Monday, October 29, 2007

Peace To All Fans Of Tambour d'Afrique...

Sorry (AGAIN!) for the huge gaps between entries. I'm kind of having a commentary drought. I haven't been listening to Congolese music that much lately as I've been recording my own music and trying to concentrate on that. Anyhow I have the show from October 20th here:
EMISSION 10.20.07

I will definitely try to be more consistent with the updates.

This past saturday I was in Queens celebrating my good friend's 25th birthday (shout out to Metanoya and the Web/Brewer family!) and so I was not home to record the show (10/27). Next week there will be a brand new show. Stay tuned and listen live @ 10pm-12am (est, ny time) I will bring you an Mp3 of the show as usual.


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