Saturday, November 10, 2007

Emission 11.03.07 - SPECIAL: Attention Na Sida


Last week Guy had a special based around a new FALSE study (read: propaganda) concerning Haiti and the AIDS virus. The study claims that AIDS made its way from Africa, to Haiti and from Haiti to the United States as early as 1969. There is much outrage among the Haitian community surrounding this study and the U.S.'s constant negativity towards Haiti and Africa in general. The media has been (for centuries even) a key tool in painting a negative picture of Africans (this includes Haitians and other groups of Black people). In the Early 1990s Guy and my older sister, who I think was maybe 11 at the time, marched for this exact cause. Haitians were being blamed (as they are again) for the spread of AIDS.

On last weeks show Pierre Kadima Mbala returned to his spot as commentator from Denver to discuss with Guy what this means in the grand scheme for Africans across the world. They discuss AIDS as the man-made disease that it is and how it has been used over the years to control populations.

Tonight at 10pm (NY time) Guy will bring a new Tambour d'Afrique filled with music but will also continue the discussion of AIDS as it concerns Haitians and also Africans overall.



Afrobongo said...

I really don't get the outrage..


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ms bazu said...

you should call my dad and talk to him about it on the show.