Friday, June 1, 2007

Radio Triomphe Is Moving...

This week just got a little more hectic for the people @ Tambour d'Afrique. The radio station from which the show broadcasts will be moving from it's current location to a new one a few blocks away. I've been told that they will not have the microphones and everything set up just yet. As a result Tambour d'Afrique WILL still be airing but Guy Angrand will not be hosting. A playlist of nice Congolese music will be played instead. The mix that I put up in the last entry as well as a nice mixture of Pepe Kalle & Empire Bakuba that Guy has prepared.

So again, Tambour d'Afrique will STILL be airing tomorrow but it will be straight music. Stay tuned...

Thank you for your patience. Tomorrow night is my party. Once that is all over and done with I will be back to updating regularly again.


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