Thursday, June 7, 2007


There's so much music to listen to. Although I've listened to Dr. Nico before I never really got a chance to sit down and take it in. Yesterday I gave myself the chance to do that and loved what I heard. I have a tendency to fall in love with a particular song or artist and play their music over and over. It's exciting to know that when I grow weary of those songs there's always be more for me to listen to and fall in love with.

Right now I'm just going through the hard drive and finding 'new' (new for me) miziki ya Congo to fall in love with. Join me this week as I put up random mixes of my 'new' discoveries...

01 festival du maquisards - kester yebisa ngai
02 zaiko langa langa - kebo
03 orchestre conga de bokelo - toli ya libala (a)
04 orchestre negro succes - palado-palado
05 tabu ley et l'african fiesta - likala ya moto
06 vox africa - mama na didier
07 orchestre makassy - siku ya kufa pt 1


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Anonymous said...


Would love to download these mixes but haven't been able to find a link anywhere on the page


ms bazu said...

you have to click where it says 'divshare' on the player. peace.