Friday, June 15, 2007

To Our Listeners/Readers Across the Globe...To Sangana!

Yesterday as I surfed through Myspace I came across a cool little feature that a few people had called a My World Visitor Profile Map. This map takes a record of where visitors to this site are logging in from.

My World Visitor Profile Map

Here are some of the cities we've gotten hits from thus far:

Bamako, Mali
Accra, Ghana
Nairobi, Kenya
Montreal & Toronto, Canada
and Several American cities across the country including Hawaii.
and the hits keep coming...

Tambour d'Afrique would like to thank you for visiting the site and listening to the show. We hope that you are enjoying the progress of the show and site as much as we enjoy bringing Tambour d'Afrique to you.

In continuing with the weeks theme of 'new' discoveries I bring to you the artist Master Mwana-Congo. Tambour d'Afrique is an advocate of Pan-Africanism which is the solidarity of Black/African people globally to advance as a people. Many musicians of Congolese Music adhere to this way of thinking, maybe not always politically but definitely through song. Master Mwana is one of these musicians.

Again not much information could be found on this artist on the internet but judging by his music he has an affinity for Haitian Music as he incorporates it into his sound and even sings in Kreyol at times. The one song that solidified for me that Master Mwana was Pan-African in thought is 'To Sangana'. On the song Mwana declares that wherever you are from if you are Black, you are from Africa. To Sangana means 'let us get together', to bond. To all of you across the globe tuning in to this blog and radio show...TO SANGANA KO!

To Sangana - Master Mwana-Congo




CultrVultr said...

Thanks again! Amazing Song!

ms bazu said...

PEACE! thnx for the support...and you're welcome!

Anonymous said...

..and don't forget South Bend, Indiana, baby, yeah!!!

ctylerjohnson said...


do you know if master mwana and theo blaise kounkou are related? i know that master mwana is listed on the credits for a couple of theo blaise's albums (Les Plus Grands Suces de Theo Blaise Vol 1 & 2) but i'm wondering whether perhaps ignace kounkou is his given name as no parent would name their child master mwana, you know?

brothers, maybe? they kind of look alike to me judging by the photos.


ms bazu said...


greetings to you in South Bend, anonymous!

peace ctylerjohnson,
My father had actually never heard of Master Mwana until I brought him to his attention. I'm still new to this music so I too just learned of him. I'm not sure of who is related to or affiliated with. His music is definitely great though. Thanks a lot for logging on to the site.