Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Look...Again

Yesterday as I was trying to make changes to the webpage I somehow ruined the format of the html. I am pretty much illiterate in html and so I had no idea how to fix what I messed up so I had to start from scratch. The site I got the template from is no longer up so I couldn't repost it. I hope this one isn't too hard on the eyes. I like the format but the background color isn't what I wish it were. Anyway over time the site's look will probably be changing a few times until I find something really nice again. Still working on getting last weeks show to you. Stay tuned. For now I will leave you with some songs I recently acquired...

This first song is by Dindo Yogo, singer of Zaiko Langa Langa fame. Its from his solo release "Chante Piscos" which was released in 1990.

This next song is from the Bimi Ombale led Zaiko Langa Langa project, "Sentiment Bimi" which was released in 1988. DL: Moloki

This last selection is from the band Los Nickelos de Zato, Zizi & Jo Rino. From a compilation of their songs of the late '60s. DL: Bolingo Ya Telephone (Telephone Love)

Enjoy the songs and new scenery...PEACE

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