Tuesday, May 29, 2007


As I stated in the last entry I have been kinda busy these passed couple of weeks, with my own music and making mixes for my upcoming birthday party. The last show was a repeat of a previous show that dealt with Women's rights and Illiteracy and I already blogged on that episode. The episode before that one I had only gotten half of the show and Guy played songs exclusively from the blog. Those songs have been blogged about already so I took the opportunity to concentrate on those other things.

Today is infact my birthday. I am 25 years old today! But instead of asking for gifts from you all I will be giving one out. As I previously stated I have been making mixes for my birthday party and it was only right that I make a nice mix of some of my favorite Congolese songs. 3 of the songs are actually not Congolese but i thought they would be nice to throw in as well.

It is all one mp3 timed at approximately 75 minutes
here is a tracklist

01 one love - sara tavares
02 amapondo - miriam makeba
03 yamba yamba - abeti masikini
04 save me - et mensah & the tempos
05 ede - mpongo love
06 pas possible maty - mpongo love
07 la fleur botoko - le ochestre viva la musica
08 lossikiya - gaby litas & stukas du zaire
09 youyou - franco & ok jazz
10 petit cheri - youlou mabiala & kamikaze loningisa
11 mindondo - empire bakuba
12 business before pleasure - tchico tchicaya
13 eswi yo wapi - mbilia bel
14 bina na ngai na respect - franco & ok jazz

I hope you enjoy. I'm off the enjoy my birthday, PEACE!


Anonymous said...

Bon anniversaire!
Yes I am a big fan of Viva la musica...they have a very unique sound.

ms bazu said...


thank you!!

and yes their sound is really nice :)
i hope you liked the mix.


AFKAP of Darkness said...


i haven't had the chance to check the page out in the past week or so... even though i knew your b-day was coming up!