Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tambour D'Afrique Recap...

Last night once again the show aired with no problems. My recording of the show however is missing the first 5 minutes. I was returning home from visiting with family and cut it really close. But as a consolation here is a link to the first song that played in the broadcast
"PETIT CHERI" by Youlou Mabiala & Kamakazie Loningisa. This song must be enjoyed in its entirety :)

Guy covered the following subjects on last night's show:

*film maker Raoul Peck and his film Lumumba.
*hospitality within African culture and how the economy has changed the way we interact with each other as a result. (correlated with a Negro Success song)
*Franco and his special dedication to his brother Bavon Marie Marie.

I will incorporate these subjects into blog entries over the next week so stay tuned. Until then you can enjoy the show again and again:


Sunday Night Video later...



aduna said...

Petit chéri is a great song!

Thanks - Aduna

ms bazu said...

i love it myself! you're welcome aduna :)