Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday Nite Videos...

Franco & TP OK Jazz clips seem to popping up like crazy on over the past few weeks. Just today I saw maybe 7 clips I hadn't seen before and I check for new clips pretty regularly. Thanks again to the people I mentioned before who continuously bring us these timeless footage.

On last night's broadcast Guy played a very special song. Kinsiona by Franco. This song is another one of Franco's very personal songs (Attentiona Na Sida and Kinshasa Mboka Ya Makambo being two others). April 30th I blogged about Franco's brother, Bavon Marie Marie who was killed in a car crash. This song Kinsiona was written for Bavon Marie Marie. It is sung in Kikongo. Though it is full of grief and sorrow it is a beautiful song. In this clip (brought to us by user rahndi) Franco sings Kinsiona for a crowd in Holland (1987).

This next clip is the reason why I love You Tube. It's a clip of a Congolese songstress by the name of Vonga Aye. According to the comments left by some of the You Tube users, Vonga Aye was discovered by Empompo Deyess and just like his earlier discovery, Mpongo Love, she is physically challenged. What struck me most though is that she also shares a similar captivating quality to her predecessor in both vocal performance and presence.
Thanks to You Tuber, Innosita, I am able to bring you this clip:

Have a good evening, PEACE...

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