Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Nite Videos...and the beat goes on

Last night's show was cancelled due to technical difficulties. As stated in the first entry of this blog the servers have failed in the past. In the case that this happens I will just bring you some music and some commentary to go along with it. I still intend to bring you the rest of the Pepe Felly interview in english, please hold tight with that.


"Mama bina, nzoto elingana..."

The quote above means "Dance Mama, your body wants/needs to..." It's from the song Ikwa by Flaisha Mani (1996). Dancing is a HUGE part of Congolese music. After all, music (for the most part) is supposed to cause the movement of the body as well as the spirit. Congolese music has no problems doing both...

As a child in the late '80s the first dance craze I was introduced to was the Kwassa Kwassa. Before the roger rabbit, the cabbage patch and running man (three different dances that took over hip hop in the late 80s/early 90s) took over my dancing technique, I was a wee youth attempting the kwassa kwassa with my older sister to Congolese music. 'Kwassa' is a variation of the french for 'what's that' ('quoi ca?'). It wasn't until recently did I realize that several different artists chanted "KwassaKwassa..KWASSA!" on their tracks when the craze hit. For the longest time I thought it was a particular song to which a dance was made lol Here's to learning new things everyday!

The other day I found footage (thank goodness for YOUTUBE seriously)
of Grand Zaiko Wawa performing on TV and PC Mpondolo and Co. showing the world how the Kwassa Kwassa is done!

These guys really killed it. You can't help but attempt the moves when you see it.

The Dancers for Empire Bakuba bring more variation to the dance and check out the ladies getting down. Pepe Kalle, the inventor of the dance, gets busy with it at the end too!

I urge you ALL to try this at home! lol

Catch you all tomorrow, there will be a show and tell, everybody get your youtube clips of you doing the Kwassa Kwassa ready...just kidding lol but If you want to by all means! Until tomorrow...PEACE :)


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