Monday, April 16, 2007


Since we have the time I decided we should maybe take a few steps back. When the show first began back in January, Guy covered the origins of what some would call "Modern" Congolese music. The man responsible for bringing forth favorites such as Franco et TP OK Jazz, Rochereau Tabu Ley et L'African Fiesta, Dr. Nico, Pepe Kalle, and so on and so forth, goes by the name Joseph Kasabale Tshamala aka Le Grand Kalle. Read his biography here:

Le Grand Kalle

A couple of African Jazz selections. Enjoy:


La Vida Africa

Basi Ya African Jazz

*Notice the language in these songs. As I pointed out in an earlier when I posted Café by Franco & Ok Jazz, in early Congolese music they sang in a creole that was a mixture of lingala, spanish and some french a lot of the time. It sounds really pretty with the music.



It seems in an entry I made on April 12th I made a mistake. It seems the clip of Papa Wemba and band singing Monama is not Zaiko Langa Langa but Viva La Musica after all. Sorry about the mix up

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