Sunday, April 22, 2007


Last night Tambour D'Afrique, hosted by Guy Angrand, aired with no problems. It was a rebroadcast of the second show recorded. Although it was a rebroadcast this was one of the shows from earlier that I was unable to record and place in the playlist for you all. So it's like new but as you can tell by a few simple errors made that it was just the beginning of this great show.

In the playlist over to the right, I had to make some corrections as far as the show numbers. The show that WAS labeled Show #2 previously is now "Show #3." and Show # 3 is now "Show #4." the rest of the shows I left as they were. I was trying to label the show by WEEK but since there have been some technical difficulties causing me to miss a few shows and also due to rebroadcasts I kind of lost track of which show is from what week lol Pardon me for that...

If I'm not mistaken the show has been running for 15 weeks now
but from now on I will be just numbering them. The last new show that I recorded
was Show #11 so starting next week I will start with 12 and so on.

Here is a downloadable link of last night's show:

In this broadcast Guy touched on the origins of "Modern Congolese" music. This week I will break the episode down into parts and give you Show #2 in blog form. Thanks for tuning in. Stay tuned for Sunday Nite Videos later on tonight...PEACE


Anonymous said...

This is to ms bazu, who's been friendly enough to guide me to this fabulous web site and lots of other treasures which I was afraid would never come to my ears and heart again.
Cheers, TrabQue

ms bazu said...


PEACE TrabQue. you're very welcome!
thanks so much for checking out the site.

ms bazu