Sunday, April 1, 2007

From Congo To Nigeria...

Like I said in yesterday's blog last night's show was a repeat. Show #12 was actually a repeat of Show #3 (you can hear show number two by clicking the play list over to the right under the slide show). That show was a continuation of a series of shows that Guy had mapping out the history of rhumba in the Congo musically and also through the knowledge he has for the music. He covered so much in just those two hours so beginning Monday I will try to piggy back as best I can off of what he's said and bring a good weeks worth of blogs.

Today I want to introduce you to an artist I just discovered. Some of you may know him already...His name is Tchico Tchicaya and he is from 'the other side of the river', Congo-Brazzaville. TCHICO TCHICAYA

From his 1981 release "Jeannot" I bring to you "From Congo To Nigeria"

I've learned that Congolese music was (still is?) massively well received by the rest of the Continent. Brazzaville is close, so it's no surprised you'd find artists there doing what the musicians Au Kin were doing. But I was fascinated to find out that bands from Kenya and Tanzania and the like also played ya miziki ya Congo (congolese music). I can understand the appeal of this music. It's sad that "World" music doesn't get any real play in the United States. Hopefully one day that can all change.


PAN-AFRICANISM IS THE WAY TO GO...more on that in another blog, another time. Stay tuned :)


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