Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nkombo Ya Yo Nini?

What's your name?

In Congolese rhumba/soukous/miziki ya Congo, I noticed the trend of having songs where the title is a woman's name. In most cases the song involves a young man pleading his love for the young lady or asking her for a dance. Other times it may be a story about a particular relationship envolving the girl whose name is featured in the title. As I discover new (old really) music every day find that the songs with the womens names in them tend to be really good. Here are 4 selections I chose as examples of this trend in the music (mp3 links provided):

Sanda - Empire Bakuba
I actually JUST downloaded this song and heard it for the first time about 30 minutes ago and it's actually the reason for this blog. It was yet another in a long line of songs with a woman's name in the title that are just really nice. I don't know if it's the names that just have a certain ring to them that makes the songs so catchy but I'm still waiting to be disappointed by one of these. They say Adio Sanda at the beginning of the song. So I'm guessing he's said that she left (like Adios). 'Sanda....Naleli yo' (I cry for you)...

Fifi - Verkys et L'Ochestre Veve
On this one the guy is asking Fifi why she's avoiding him. I love the 'Ooooh' and 'Eeeeeh' theme throughout the melodie. Goes well with the saxophone. The break or soukous part of the song is really nice as well. Light but upbeat. I just heard this song for the first time yesterday.

Jiji - Super Mazembe
From their 70s Virgin Records release Kaivaska. I love the lyrics to this song. They're really simple but beautiful. It's a man singing to the mother of his child. He's telling her not to let gossip break up their marriage. One of the best songs I've heard, period. Great song.

Sophie Elodie - Rocheraux Tabu Ley-Sam Mangwana
This is early Tabu Ley in collaboration with Sam Mangwana. What can I say about this song. It's just so pretty. The Hawaiian guitar mixed with the Congolese style of drumming is magic. And Tabu Ley's voice fits the track so beautifully. He's singing about his girl Sophie Elodie.

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Anonymous said...

great songs.
Have you heard Tabu Ley's "Christina"?? I just love it!!! Do you have it? really sweet song.
Another really great one by him is "Sarah".

ms bazu said...

ah yes. christina is a beautiful song. i have that. tabu ley knew how to make a ballad didn't he?

i'm just hearing sarah for the first time as i type (i didn't realize i had the mp3). it reminds me of the stuff he did with mbilia bel. i'm loving it. thanks for the feed back and thanks for reading :)


Anonymous said...

Also check out "Helena" by Bopol.

btw can you post Tabu Ley's "Christina" and "Sarah"

antony said...

this post has inspired me to do a mix, which I have posted up on: Thanks for sharing the music!

ms bazu said...

peace anthony!
i will post this mix and feature it here on the blog
thank you so much for sharing!!