Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tika Ko Swana Ko!

Tika ko swana, ko! = 'Stop Fighting!'

A direct quote from my mother (r.i.p.)
She would often say (more like scream) this to me and my brother when we would fight.
That was usually all she needed to say and that was it.

Sometimes I wish it were that simple in matters of WAR.
Just "Stop Fighting."

Since March 23rd (last friday) there has been violence in Kinshasa involving rebels opposing President Joseph Kabila. These rebels are under Jean-Pierre Bemba who ran against Kabila for presidency in October of last year. I will leave the important news such as this to the experts. BBC has coverage of what's been going on daily since the 23rd. Here are some of the recent headlines/articles:

News - Clashes reflect DR Congo divisions (3/23)

News - Kabila warns DR Congo's ex-rebel (3/26)

News - 'Up to 600 dead' in Congo clashes (3/27)

News - Congo's Bemba 'to go to Portugal' (3/28)


This conflict was discussed by Guy Angrand & Pierre Mbala (Tambour D'Afrique Correspondent in Denver, CO) on last weeks show (#11).

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