Friday, March 23, 2007



for the past 10 weeks my father, Guy Angrand, has been hosting a radio show by the name of TAMBOUR D'AFRIQUE on

This radio show showcases congolese rhumba, soukous by the likes of Franco & Ok Jazz, Zaiko Langa Langa, Papa Wemba as well as news concerning the african continent.

Every week the show is recorded by me and posted up on (Tambour D'Afrique Show Playlist)for those who may have missed the show when it originally airs Saturday Nights from 10pm - 12am Eastern standard time.

from now on i will be using this blog to link up the show and also other bits of information such as what is being talked about during the news cast.

My father speaks Haitian Kreyol, Lingala and French on the show so their may be important bits of information that our fans who don't speak any of those languages miss. This blog will keep you updated.

Although the show is 10 weeks strong (going on 11 this saturday) there are still kinks being worked out and the server over the radio station doesn't always broadcast the show through the internet (due to technical difficulties) so in the event that that happens i will still post the music my father plays on the broadcast that night and commentary on the news segment of the show.

If you are reading this and you are a fan of the show my father, Guy Angrand, thanks you so much for listening. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. And also there is a number to the radio station that i will provide you with on saturday, if ever you want to call during the broadcast to ask questions (even if you only speak english) feel free.

Stay Tuned for more blog entries coming soon. This site will be getting a face lift as time goes on. Hope you enjoy :)



The Squeegee said...

a great radio show! thanks for posting the info over at the matsuli music blog. best wishes, james k.

ms bazu said...

PEACE thanks a lot for listening and for the well wishes. stay tuned...