Sunday, June 6, 2010

Independence Ya Tabou Combo REPLAY

As you all may know by now I am of Congolese and Haitian heritage. Whenever the two cultures combine there rises an excitement within me that I can not contain!

I have posted the video "Jalosie" a while back which is a Tabou Combo song which mixes Kreyol & Lingala in a sort of Soukous/Kompas style. This song was recorded in the early 80s. 30 years later Tabou Combo has decided to reach back to their Congolese Rumba influence and re-make the classic Grand Kalle hit "Independance Cha-Cha" changing the lyrics to the verses to Haitian Kreyol! It is a beautiful remake.

According to (you can read full article HERE) they decided to remake the song because many Francophone African countries gained their independence 50 years ago. This is a proper tribute. Enjoy the song and video it is a true blessing, PEACE!




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