Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tambour d'Afrique Tonight...

Tonight a brand new and exciting episode of Tambour d'Afrique will be airing @ Radio Triomphe tonight @ 10 pm eastern standard time. Tomorrow I will be upping not just tonight's show for download, but many of the past episodes that can be heard in the Imeem player. Stay tuned for that. Have a good night and don't forget to tune into Tambour d'Afrique. Until then enjoy this song by Youlou Mabiala & his band Kamikaze Loningisa called Judoka. I've been listening to this all day. I just love it. I put it in a mix that I posted up not too long ago but it deserves it's own place...Enjoy



Anonymous said...

It's taken me an age to get this downloaded....Div Shares a bit of a nightmare at the moment but it was well worth it, it's bloody brilliant. Must try & get my own copy of the CD.



ms bazu said...

PEACE...indeed at times divshare can be a pain. they're constantly going through changes so there has been a lot of downtime lately. but when they're good they're good.

i'm glad you like the song, you're very welcome. i LOVE it to pieces.