Monday, July 23, 2007

Last Week's Show, Technology vs. Ms Bazu

Being able to stream a radio show on the internet is a really great feature of our time. Through the internet Tambour d'Afrique is able to reach people all over the world, not only through Radio Triomphe but also this blog and being able to rebroadcast the show over and over.We are able to reach way more people than if we depended soley on the actual radio frequency 101.9 SCA FM, which only reaches people in the tri-state area (New York-Connecticut-New Jersey). The downside to internet streaming however is that it can be unpredictable.

Last night as I recorded the show, through a program which records streaming audio, the stream just stopped at a certain point; just as Guy was getting into the newer congolese music. By the time I got it to work again the show was going off.

Unfortunately Guy did not make an audio cassette copy as he does on occasion. What I will do is make available the first half which recorded with no problem and then make a mix of the songs that Guy played for the second half. That mix will be available tomorrow.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience but sometimes these things happen. As great as technology can be it definitely is not perfect. I still owe you all a few other shows that I've been meaning to convert from audio cassette to mp3. Next week I will definitely have those for you. Thank you for continuing to tune into the show and to those who spread the word about Tambour d'Afrique, special thanks. We appreciate it.

Tambour d'Afrique 07/21/07


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