Thursday, July 26, 2007


Here's that mix I promised...ENJOY


01 felix wazekwa - tu me manques
02 jb mpiana - mohammed kaniansy
03 wenge musica - jessy chouchou de london
04 bozi boziana - ole ole
05 liputa - fally ipupa

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for fulfilling ur promise ms bazu :-)

That looks like a good line-up! Am listening as I type! That list should have been prioritised the other way round kidding, kidding! Are poeple allowed to make requests to the show?

ms bazu said...

sure you can make requests and if you leave your name my dad will even shout you out on the show. ONLY problem is our bank of new songs is low. but i will try my best to get it to my dad so he can play it! the earlier the request the better (before saturday)



Anonymous said...

Yes I would like to request my favorite song 'ORGASY' from Fally Ipupas debut album DROIT CHEMIN.

Name: Fallycious babe
Location: - brand new home for african music discusions!

Anonymous said...

emm.. nice :))