Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's Your Name, Again?

One of my first blog entries for this blog was Nkombo Ya Yo Nini. As I delved into the collection of Congolese music I had acquired I noticed that many songs I loved were titled simply by a woman's name. The songs almost always had great stories at their center and expressed a lot of emotion ranging from sheer happiness to melancholy. Congolese music is very expressive by nature but something about those songs dedicated to a particular individual that seem that much more emotional.

Anyway just yesterday a Tambour d'Afrique follower left a comment under that post with a very nice mix of Congolese rumba attached. The mix was inspired by my blog post Nkombo Ya Yo Nini and shares the same name. Once I heard it I had to share it.
Thank you, Antony for sharing your wonderful mix with us! Check out his Mixcloud page where he posts under the name Lemonzorba

01 Sandra - Empire Bakuba
02 Saley - Orchestra Les Trois Freres
03 Cheri Popo - Yaya Mbuta Mashakado (RIP)
04 Ange B - Otis Mbutu Et Matchata
05 Djessy - Kanda Bongo Man
06 Rosa - Mav Cacharel
07 Jane Otiemo - Passi-Jo Kichar
08 Djina - 4 Stars
09 Amour Madinina - Ballou Canta


Anonymous said...

How do I down load this?

ms bazu said...

unfortunately it can't be downloaded. and the gentleman has taken down the mix from mixcloud. sorry it is beyond my control.