Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Techno Malewa

Werrason and his team of singers release a new album "Sans Cesse" today. I've heard one track from the album so far (thanks to Youngz Baron @ Vibes D'Afrique Forums) entitled "Diego Music"


I look forward to hearing the rest. I really enjoy Werra's new talent who were first introduced on Werrason & Wenge Musica Maison Mere's last album "Mayi Ya Sika/Temps Pressnt", Fabrice, Deplik (who can be called a baby Fally Ipupa) and Cafe Rhum. They have a whole lot of personality. When the songs are good they're great.

I first became familiar with them on this youtube clip:
(from left to right: Fabice, Cafe Rhum, Deplik)


Federico said...

this is so good!!!
thank you, stacey and guy, as always,

ms bazu said...

peace, you're very welcome federico! thank you for ur support! blessings.

moos said...

Holy Cow, this clip is just fantastic, I love it..thanks guys