Thursday, November 6, 2008



Two days after the elections and I'm still in a bit of shock and disbelief as to who our new president is. I must say I am a cynical person with regards to the government and I never thought I would see the day a Black man would run this country and the "Free World" but the day is here. It's really here. I keep waiting for people on the news to say "HA! JUST KIDDING!" ha. But this is the reality! Barack Obama is PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Although I am not a political person at all and I see Democrats as the lesser of two evils in comparison to Republicans, I feel there is no way a person of African descent can not feel the need to celebrate President Barack Obama's victory. Unless of course they are a Republican or a staunch Hilary Supporter. Then I don't know what to say to them lol but I'm happy.

Seems like a cliche but to me his victory is a modern day symbol to all children out there of all backgrounds that the greatest accomplishments in life are not impossible. That we as people of African, Asian, Latin American, Native American, descent are not limited to the roles we usually take in society. This victory tells them it takes discipline determination and also the ability to unify people of like mind behind your causes BUT it is not impossible. We, the Human Race, are capable of the greatest things and have been stifled so long by those driven by greed but it's not impossible to move forward from that. His victory in and of itself is the greatest motivation. Since Hope was the theme of his campaign, I truly HOPE that his victory does motivate people to strive to make everyday life better, everywhere.

It's kind of tragic that it would take an event like this to make people believe in themselves but the reality is the symbol of a Black man as president is a symbol powerful enough to move people to action. Just the symbolism alone.

Also we must remember President Obama did not elect himself. It took the votes of the American people. So we who voted for him on the 4th are all victorious in his win; WE did it. He drummed up the hope and we followed though. Now it's his turn to put forth the ideas and policies he presented that got us all to vote. But I'm still in celebration mode right now all the way until Inauguration...then we can put him in the hot seat (haha).

The song playing right now is "Obama" by Kenyan American band Extra Golden. I just heard of them and saw their video on Likembe Here is the video:

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