Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I must say right now I am extremely frustrated. I recorded last weeks show but the program I was using left spaces in the recording. Over the past few days I've been editing the show to take the silent spaces out. Some how the show didn't save properly and all the audio is jumbled. I feel really bad because last weeks show was a very good one. The blog was set up so that those who don't get a chance to listen live can still hear the show and even enjoy different episodes over and over again. I am sorry to the fans of the show who expect to log on to Tambour d'Afrique to hear the shows they missed.

The good news is I finally found a program that shouldn't give me anymore problems and shows in the future will hopefully be error free and here for you to enjoy. Tomorrow I will put up a playlist of the songs Guy played on 10.25.08.

Also please note that old Divshare links are not working because there is a monthly download and upload limit. I am in the process of transferring all of these files to Imeem and Mediafire (for download).

Thank you for your patience and for continuing to log on to Tambour d'Afrique. Your support is appreciated.

On last weeks show a fan from Miami florida requested (live on air, yes you can do that!) "I Love You" by Abeti Masikini. I will leave you with this song. Until next time... Peace...

Abeti Masikini - I Love You (Telechargement/DL)

Watch Abeti Sing "I Love You" on Television (Thank you Innosita8 for the timeless clip)


Vivianne Perpignan said...

Good Evening, Ms. Bazu
I thank you for posting the video on Abiti and the song "I Love You".
Vicky (Miami)

ms bazu said...

PEACE you're very welcome vicky :)