Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The New Era...


I'm just going to come out and say it, my favorite era of Congolese music is not that of the present (the 70s to the early 80s is, if you're wondering). But I have to be fair there are most certainly a few young artists holding down the genre and carrying on the tradition of creating the kind of cutting edge music the Congo has been known to produce for so long.

To me Celeo Scram to me is one such artist.

Granted my ear is different from those who were alive or grown during the earlier more celebrated 'epoches' of Congolese music so they might disagree with my choices lol If that's the case feel free to leave comments and get a discussion going :)

To me Celeo Scram, like Fally Ipupa and Mimitah, brings enough of the old and the new to satisfy all generations, regardless of which era you favor most. Once atakulu for Werrason, Celeo Scram is set to release the new album "Nzoto Na Nzoto". For more info on Celeo Scram and music check out his Myspace page: Celeo Scram on Myspace

Listen to some of his music here:

Celeo Scram ft KMS

Celeo ft Fally Ipupa - Didi Kinuani

Celeo and his group Danse Ya Likossi (dance the Likossi)

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