Saturday, August 18, 2007


MADILU SYSTEM 1950 - 2007

Madilu System est décédé ce samedi à Kinshasa (Merci a

Ce soir Guy rendra hommage à Madilu System sur l'emission Tambour d'Afrique.
Ecoute a 22 hueres l'heure a NY.

Emission 08.11.07

Last week Saturday Guy announced that the world had lost a great musician. He is known to the African music world as Madilu System. His voice to me is very familiar yet I didn't know him by name until he passed away. He appears on a few of my favorite Congolese songs that I've discovered in recent years such as "Magali" and "Mario" along side Franco. He is also featured in some of the OK Jazz videos I have linked in the past. Learn more about Madilu System and his life and times here: A Congelese Legendary Singer Madilu is no more (Thank you

Tonight Guy will be paying special tribute to Madilu System at the beginning of the show.

Here are some videos to remember him by. He was a great vocal talent. He will be missed...

Live In Holland

Mamou (With Franco et TP OK Jazz)

Fifi Alonge



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