Monday, July 15, 2013

Amour Assassin...

In the DRC music industry it is not uncommon these days for a song writer to sell his song to more than one singer /producer who usually then puts his own spin on it and releases it.  Most times when this happens whoever the bigger star is who is singing the song will get the most recognition for it.

Today we will look at the song Amour Assassin. This song has been released on Fally Ipupa's latest opus "Power Kosa Leka" but Ferre Gola's vocalist Jus d'Orange recorded and released a video for it just weeks before PKL was released. I actually like both versions very much.  Fally's version is better produced over all with the production being more sleek and modern and the vocal arrangements more smooth while Jus d'Orange's version is more reminiscent of 'pure' rumba with the guitar arrangement taking center stage in the production yet it is less polished. They are both very good vocalists imo and the song is just very well written. You be the judge, which do you like best??

Jus d'Orange

Fally Ipupa


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