Monday, March 11, 2013


In January, as I was learning the words to another one of my favorite Congolese songs, I realized that while there are several lyrics archives for genres such as R&B and Hip Hop there are no such archives available for Congolese Music.  For a genre that relies heavily on poetic lyricism I found this to be a shame.  I decided to take it upon myself to get such an archive started. This is how Congo-Kin Lyrics Archive was born. The blog is still in it's infant stages with a handful of entries. Please take the time out to visit the site. You can submit lyrics, translations and/or requests at

I leave you on this Monday morning with a song that I have written and performed called Sanda.  It is part of my Kin Piracy Dub series which will be released this summer. For those who are not familiar Kin Piracy Dub is a project that I started in 2009 which involves me combining Dancehall Reggae music with Congolese lyrics and melodies.  Sanda is the first single off of Part II: Kingston to Kinshasa.
I hope you all enjoy. Have a great week!

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