Sunday, February 1, 2009

Awilo Longomba

First time I ever heard of Awilo Longomba was in the late 90s. I forget where she got it from but my mother had a VHS tape of Awilo Longomba's "Coupe' Bibamba". I didn't know until today that this was a duet with Jocelyne Béroard of Kassav. Anyway, I really liked the song, although found his 'rapping' to be rather amusing at certain points. I was able to appreciate it. I didn't think anything of the song for a long time as it wouldn't be until a few years ago that I would explore Congolese music. Today I listened to a few tracks off of his July 2008 release "Super man" and decided to look him up. Come to find out his father was the lead singer and founder of Le Tout Puissant OK Jazz. Read more about him here:


It took me a while but I'm a fan. Especially after watching a few of his videos. He has some really great upbeat party music. I love it. He even has a remix to Pamelo Mounka's "L'argent Apelle L'argent" that he performs with singer Barbara Kanam (I need to find out who she is. I feel so behind haha). Watch these videos. Last night's episode of Tambour d'Afrique will be up soon...

Coupe Bibamba


Barbara Kanam ft. Awilo Longomba - L'argent Appele L'argent


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